remove_query and a_target

Fetch ‘Trending Now’ text from and display it as a list. External links to open in a new window.

[wpws url="" query="ol.trendingnow_trend-list li" remove_query="b" a_target="_blank"]
<?php echo wpws_get_content(“”, “ol.trendingnow_trend-list li”, array(‘a_target’ => ‘_blank’, ‘remove_query’ => ‘b’)); ?>
Error parsing: Query returned empty response

5 thoughts on “remove_query and a_target

    1. Akshay Raje says:

      In case of CSS Selector remove queries, you may simply use remove_query=”b,i” to remove both bold and italic tags.

      Other ways include advanced regex queries or an even more complex implementation can be achieved using a callback function.

  1. Tenoa Tong says:

    This is a great plugin with powerful features (luv the callback w regex). btw, as for the deactivation due date? I would just wrap the wpws_get_content with a simple conditional statmt to handle that. Akshay, thank you for making this free.

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